Month: May 2017

2017 Personal Branding Trends Part 2: The Proliferation Of The Free Agent

 By William Arruda— There has been a lot of talk about corporate employees transforming into free agents. Dan Pink identified this emerging trend way back in 2002 in his prophetic book Free Agent Nation. The rise of independent professionals has been steady but not rapid. Well, it’s about to move into the fast lane. It’s accelerating…
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2017 Personal Branding Trends Part 1: The Death Of Text

By William Arruda — OK, maybe not the death, but we’re definitely seeing a rapid replacement of the alphabet’s 26 letters, which are being nudged out by pictures – both still and moving. These trends put the spotlight on the impact of multimedia and the speed at which we are moving from text to photos and video.…
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8 New Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2017

BY RYAN MCCREADY— So we’re already into 2017, in case you haven’t noticed. That means you probably have already broken one of your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t worry, my resolution to get better sleep has already been dashed. But one of my resolutions that I will not be breaking is to become a better graphic…
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